Definition of the digital signage

The digital signage is a communication and marketing tool that can broadcast information, in the form of multimedia content, in public places on a screen, a wall of screen or video-projection.
The screens allow consumers to obtain additional information at the time of purchase of a product or service.
This type of diffusion is particularly suitable for advertising at the point of sale and for public information in places where it is waiting or passing. This computer-assisted signage can thus be used in bakeries, cafes, restaurants; but also in hotels, lobbies, shops, shopping centers, cinemas, petrol stations.
Due to its flexibility of use and the audiovisual possibilities offered, digital signage systems are used instead of traditional non-media systems such as posters, information boards and signage.

Functioning of Gridscreen solution

The Gridscreen digital signage system is used to broadcast information as a video, audio, image or document file by sending it from the server. This server hosts the Gridscreen CMS which remotely communicates with the client-side Gridscreen Android application by sending it the content to display (see figure).

The client-side Gridscreen Android application is available for free download from Google play store, on the link: Gridscreen

To learn how to connect the Gridscreen application to the server please consult our documentation on this page: Connecting the Gridscreen application to the server

After the trial period of 14 days you must activate the Gridscreen application and this through the purchase of a license from our shop on the link: Licence

After ordering a License, the Technical Service will send you an email address that will be used to activate the License, and to know how to activate it please consult our documentation on this page: Activate Gridscreen Application License

If you plan to use the Gridscreen digital signage solution on a screen, then the Android box will allow you to do this, and you can order it from our store on the link: Android Box

Also there is a complete offer that consists of Android box where is installed the Gridscreen application with license available from our shop on the link:  Android box + Application Gridscreen and License

The cloud-based Gridscreen server allows you to customize the display of the screen.
To benefit from the service offered by Gridscreen server you need a subscription, and this through the purchase of a subscription that suits you best:

3 months subscription

6 months subscription

12 months subscription

Pack 5 displays

150 (€)

250 (€)

400 (€)

Pack 10 displays

250 (€)

400 (€)

600 (€)

Pack 50 displays

1000 (€)

1500 (€)

2500 (€)

If you plan to test our solution, a free trial of14-day offer is available:


After ordering a subscription to the Gridscreen server, the technical service will create a personal account for you and send you a login and password that will allow you to access the Gridscreen server from the link: Gridscreen Server
To be able to customize the display of the screen from the Gridscreen server a documentation is present on our website on the link: Documentation, which will allow you to take control of our solution of the digital signage.