The cloud-based Gridscreen server allows you to customize the display of the screen.

To benefit from the service offered by Gridscreen server you need a subscription, and this through the purchase of a subscription that suits you best:

3 months subscription

6 months subscription

12 months subscription

Pack 5 displays

150 (€)

250 (€)

400 (€)

Pack 10 displays

250 (€)

400 (€)

600 (€)

Pack 50 displays

1000 (€)

1500 (€)

2500 (€)

If you plan to test our solution, a free trial of 14-day offer is available:


After ordering a subscription to the Gridscreen server, the technical service will create a personal account for you and send you a login and password that will allow you to access the Gridscreen server from the link: Gridscreen Server

To be able to customize the display of the screen from the Gridscreen server a documentation is present on our website on the link: Documentation, which will allow you to take control of our solution of the digital signage.